Tax Investigations

Tax Investigations with HM Revenue & Customs can prove to be very stressful and worrying times. Enquiries often distract the individual from concentrating on the important factors in their life such as running their business or family life.

It is our aim to help resolve all Investigations in a cost effective and timely manner, ensuring you are kept informed at all times and guided through the whole process.

With 30 years of experience dealing with all aspects of Revenue Investigations, Loucas are well placed to assist you in bringing about a conclusion to the investigation with the best possible outcome.

We pride ourselves in

  • Providing a professional service
  • Ensuring that you are treated justly and fairly
  • Always taking a proactive approach
  • Working in an efficient manner for the most cost effective solution

The majority of Investigations are dealt with by Local Tax Districts and with the proper advice these can be concluded in a timely fashion.

We deal with all types of Investigations, from small aspect enquiries into a sole trader’s Self Assessment Tax Return, to status enquiries right up to individuals that have not completed a Tax Return for 30 years !

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