Tax Investigations

Non Disclosure of Income

We successfully represented a self employed individual who had been trading for 28 years without ever completing a Tax Return or disclosing any income to HM Revenue & Customs. In this instance, the individual had not exceeded the VAT threshold, so it was the underpayment of income tax and class 4 national insurance contributions that were the issues.

The hidden economy unit had already made contact with the client and it was at this point Loucas were approached. Given the length of time of non disclosure, we negotiated a period which would be assessed and the basis of assessment.

The case was concluded quickly, with the lowest possible penalties and a settlement better than expected by the client.

PAYE Compliance Review

Loucas were asked to represent a young emerging company run by two directors, who were new to running their own business and had, through lack of understanding of the correct procedures, failed to maintain adequate records. This, coupled with the fact that the company had been making high expense payments to its staff, raised many queries with HM Revenue & Customs.

We represented the client at three meetings and achieved a 75% reduction in the Revenue’s initial assessment of underpaid Income Tax, Class 1 and Class 1a national insurance contributions.


Loucas represented a medium size construction company, which contracted the services of approximately 300 subcontractors. The self employed status of the subcontractors was challenged by HM Revenue & Customs. We successful challenged the Revenue’s arguments and obtained their agreement, on the legitimacy of the self-employed status, of all the client's subcontractors.

Non Disclosure of Rental Income

We were engaged by an individual, who had failed to disclose rental income on 10 investment properties, extending to 12 tax years.

Loucas prepared rental accounts for the period and made a declaration on behalf of the individual. The matter was concluded promptly with minimum inconvenience to the client, as well as achieving a settlement well below the liability expected by our client.

Non Disclosure of Foreign Income

This is an area HMRC are very keen to tighten up. Many people are, unfortunately, failing to disclose foreign income and this causes enquiries by HMRC. We have, on several occasions, acted or represented clients during the amnesty and out of the amnesty period.

The above are a few examples of the types of enquiry work we have undertaken. In all such cases, we work hard to keep the clients fully informed of our progress and minimize their anxieties, concerns and disruption to their business and personal lives.

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