About us

What We Promise You

We add more to your business. It’s a simple promise at the heart of our culture.

From day one, we have always provided more than a basic level of service. It’s a genuine interest in our clients’ businesses that has always stood us out from the rest. It is an ethos that was started by our founder Antony Louca and is still very much evident today.

For over thirty five years of advising and guiding people on the path to success has shown us that we do indeed add more value to your business.

We are dedicated

We take a genuine interest in you and your business. Whether a start-up, sole trader or large corporation, our approach and commitment to you will be unrivalled. You will benefit from our knowledge, experience and support and eventually come to consider us to be very much part of your team.

We are available

Building strong business relationships is an important part of success. You will always find Loucas on hand and attentive to your needs. We encourage regular meetings, helping us to gain a better understanding of your needs.

We are knowledgeable

As a result of our continuous program of staff development and training, we are always up to date with the latest legislation and business trends, ensuring you are provided with the best possible solutions.

We are approachable

At Loucas we don’t talk in jargon that you can’t understand. We are experienced in working with clients of all shapes and sizes and recognise the importance of offering effective yet understandable advice.

We have integrity

We will do what we say we will do and when we say we will do it. We are trusted confidants and advisors, always giving advice based on your best interests and that we believe in. We won’t shy away from difficult conversations and we will always keep you informed.

We add more to your business

Like we said, it’s a simple promise which we always keep.

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