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How to create an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT)

An Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) is a consistently effective way to fuel the success of your company by passing some or all of the ownership over to it's most important asset - it's people.

As well as the tax free bonuses, staff with a say in how a business is run are more loyal, work harder and sick less.

It is a win win, which is why Loucas know the difference EOT’s make to the culture and success of companies that set one up.

What is an EOT?

  • Employee ownership trusts are a method of ownership where the company’s employees hold a controlling state via a trust.
  • Whilst the UK government has encouraged EOT’s since 2014, employee ownership is a well established model. For example, the trust created by John Lewis Partnership was created in 1929.
  • An EOT is a very tax efficient way to sell your business. So long as the EOT acquires more than 50% of the shares then you will pay zero capital gains tax.
  • The reasons you choose to create an EOT scheme are personal. It could be to pay less tax on your business sale or it could be to ensure continuity in the business for the employees and customers.

The benefits of an EOT


The popularity of EOT's is rapidly increasing. In June 2022 the total number in the UK reached 1,030. As well as offering a smooth succession plan for busines owners, the performance of employee owned businesses is highly attractive. 

Employee owned businesses are seen to have higher productivity, greater levels of innovation and manage economic downturns better. They also tend to be very profitable. Over the last 15 years, for instance, shares in employee owned businesses have considerably outperformed those in the FTSE All-Share Index.

An EOT is a straight forward business ownership model. It is relatively simple to implement and very flexible to the unique needs of your business. 

Business Owner Benefits

  • You pay zero capital gains tax.
  • You are guaranteed full market value for your shares. 
  • Your competitors will not know you are selling the business.
  • Selling to an EOT commonly takes less time than selling to a 3rd party.

Employee Benefits

  • Are able to receive tax-free annual bonuses of up to £3,600.
  • Are able to have a meaningful say in how the business is run and operated.
  • The culture and growth of the business is fueled by greater commitment and productivity from employees.

Are there any downsides to an EOT?

The increasing popularity and performance of companies who create an employee ownership trust suggests there really aren't many downsides. Like any change to your business though, the companies goals and the current owners personal objectives need to be considered. 

For the business owner looking to exit the business, setting up an EOT will result in payments being made over time by the trust. You wont get an immediate one lump sum and you need to be confident of the companies continued success so that they can make further payments.

When turning ownership over to the EOT you also need to be certain that the people in the business want to take shared ownership. Is there a motivated leadership team that is excited by the plans? Do the lower ranked staff have any interest in the scheme? The current owners and leadership team will need to have these conversations, promote the EOT plans and take the company through the process.

For modern thinking companies who want to empower their staff an EOT is an exciting succession plan and step forward for the business. When you talk to Loucas about creating an EOT we will guide you through the process and benefits to ensure it is a good fit for you and your business.

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Making an enquiry with Loucas is very simple and definitely not salesy. We want to ensure that we understand your business and personal goals so that we can advise you properly. Our experienced EOT team values their client relationships and wants to be sure of providing the best service. We do not just say yes to every company. 

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